My Five Dollar’s Pay

Scaffolding Mary Oliver’s The Summer Day

Who made coffee?
Who made espresso, and pour overs?
Who made cold brew?
This cold brew, I mean-
the one that has filtered and dripped drop by tiny drop for nine hours,
the one that is as black as bubble gum dried into cement,
that is potently robust and bitter begging for creamer-
that is cascading in a cloudy haze of rosy chocolate brown and milky streamers.
Now I lift the cold dewy glass and inhale a small waterfall onto pebbly taste buds.
Now my brain snaps awake, and simmers to the caffeine routine.
I don’t know exactly what routine is.
I do know how to gather friends, and murmur velvety gossip
into the steaming black mugs, how to pay five dollars,
how to be embraced in the atmosphere of friends, how to love cozy cafés
which is what I have been doing all day.
Do tell, what better way to get work done?
Doesn’t everyone need a healthy addiction?
Tell me, what do you devote your five dollars to?
with your small chaotic and beautiful time?


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