About the Author


Carolyn Ellis is an English and Studio Art double major at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

She was born and raised in Coralville, Iowa, home of the Hawkeyes. Her love of reading and writing began at a young age. Her friends all joked about her getting out of school for the summer to go and grab books composed of poetry collections, art history books, and classic novels.

Now she is getting degrees for the books she poured over and dreamt about. Poetry is her main niche, but Intro to Creative Writing brought out the old flame of  narrative through memoir.

While at Hope, Carolyn has been involved in many various programs and activities on campus. She is a Mellon Scholar, a Residential Assistant, participated in Nykerk and the Pull (which are as wild as they sound), is a campus tour guide, has been a part of College Chorus, Vespers, and Gospel Choir, and is an editor for the Milestone Yearbook.

As a junior she is still deciding where the career road will take her, but is currently looking into internships and the idea of going to graduate school to pursue higher education.